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Zumba in Surbiton


Having the experince of opening Zumba classes in Kingston had given us a fresh perspective on how much people enjoy our classes and so we decided to expand! That is why we decided to open a Zumba class in Surbiton, which is a small town located nearby to Kingston and where fitness activities form

an important part of our members social calendar.


In order to serve and build our community, we have organised events in and around Surbiton, such as Halloween Zumba parties, where people have a great time dancing and sharing food. We have also taken part on the Surbiton Festival celebrated every year all over the town, bringing in multiple expressions of art - such as comedy, music, dance and much more!


For some people, the fact that we have Zumba classes in Central London makes their schedule more manageable because in some cases they work in town but commute home to Kingston, Surbiton or surrounding areas. Our members can then choose whether to take the class close to home or close to their work place - or both!

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