Zumba - The Latin way!

Taking a Zumba class outside of the gym environment makes it a much more friendly and enjoyable experience. This is because when you get together with like-minded people who are also looking forward classes, your brain doesn’t relate the activity with pain and effort, but rather with –  FUN.

Our instructors all play 80% Latin songs and Boooom... 


In our classes, the instructors care about your experience because for us Zumba is not just another activity on the timetable, Zumba IS our timetable.


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Fitness Fun Machine is a very friendly group bringing the fun to YOU, with classes in the heart of your community, making it a more welcoming and unique experience.


Our Zumba classes are perfect for everybody and “every body." We mix low-intensity with high-intensity moves, in order to get the best results and ensure that you have a varied workout party!


Our classes are known as “exercise in disguise." How better to complete a tough workout than by dancing toLatin and international rhythms for an hour?