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Zumba - The Latin way!

Taking a Zumba class outside of the gym environment makes it a much more friendly and enjoyable experience. This is because when you get together with like-minded people who are also looking forward to the classes, your brain doesn’t relate the activity with pain and effort, but rather with –  FUN.

Our instructors all play a wide variety of songs and Boooom... 


In our classes, the instructors care about your experience because for us Zumba is not just another activity on the timetable, Zumba IS our timetable.


IMG_7251 copia.jpg

Fitness Fun Machine is a very friendly group bringing the fun to YOU, with classes in the heart of your community, making it a more welcoming and unique experience.


Our Zumba classes are perfect for everybody and “every body." We mix low-intensity with high-intensity moves, in order to get the best results and ensure that you have a varied workout party!


Our classes are known as “exercise in disguise." How better to complete a tough workout than by dancing toLatin and international rhythms for an hour?

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