Zumba in Marylebone  


King Solomon Academy - Penfold St, Marylebone, London NW1 6RU

We offer the very BEST Zumba classes in Marylebone, Central London. We ensure that our classes are energetic and fun, as we understand that everyone would like to have to enjoy and unwind after a busy day at work. People looking for post-work Zumba classes close to Marble ArchEdward Road and West Marylebone Rd, can enjoy amazing sessions taught by an extraordinary dancer/instructors who are all totally committed to the Zumba formula! We combine elements of fitness-cardio, body conditioning, flexibility and balance work in addition to our energetic Zumba classes.

In addition to our Zumba classes, we offer the opportunity to socialise and expand our community. Attendees can feel that they belong and share a hobby and passion with other students! We reinforce this by offering you many types of community-building events all across London. We challenge ourselves and our members by inviting you to participate in a broad range of events and performances.