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Accessing Zoom classes

  • Click on the timetable

  • Find your class and click on it 

  • Make the payment and access the meeting ID

  • Introduce the meeting ID in Zoom and you are ready to go

FFM members


- Register once

- Click and dance 


- Register once

- Make a payment(50% off!)

- Click and dance 

Pay as you go

- Find a class below

- Register once

- Make a payment

- Click and dance

Please note:

 If it is your first time using this system you will have to sign up first.

You can pay for a class up to 6 days in advance.

 Once your payment has been processed, you can come back anytime to click and dance.

Fitness Fun Machine Casual Members


Easy! Choose the class of your preference and apply the code that has been sent to you via email.

Sign-Up and set up your password

After your first registration the system

will discount 50% automatically

in every class.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a code to book my classes?

If you are pay as you go the answer is No! If you hold an FFM Premium Membership: As soon as you apply your code for the first time, all the classes become availalbe for you. If you hold a Casual Membership: As soon as you apply the code sent to you via email all the classes become available for you with 50% off.

Why I can only see a Black Screen?

Because the class is not live yet.

Can I book classes in advance?

There is no longer any need to book your classes. If you are a Member, you do not need to book your classes. If you are Pay As You Go, you can pay in Advance, up to 6 days before the class date. Then, on the day of the class, you click on the "Watch" button from 15 minutes before the class starts and you are in. Members & Pay as You Go: Just click on the "watch" button 15 minutes before the class starts, and you are in.

If I have an FFM Membership, do I need to pay any extra fees?

if you have a Premium Membership contract with Fitness Fun Machine there is no need to pay any extra fees. If you would like to sign up for any of our Memberships, please send us an email to: info@fitnessfunmachine.com

The Code doesn't work - what do I do?

You might be entering the Code under the wrong Price Option. Please check that you are entering the code in the correct Price Option for your Fitness Fun Machine Membership.

The screen keeps Freezing - what do I do?

You will need to close all open Apps/Programs/Pages/Windows, to optimize the speed of your phone/laptop. We also suggest that you choose Quality Setting 0.25 on the Dacast screen (Settings), as thtis will stop the screen from Freezing We suggest that you carry out a Speed Test on your device, to find out your Internet speed at home: https://www.speedtest.net/result/9171951664